tisdag 10 september 2013

A terrible seans with a medium that would make people non-believers

Mediums really do have a great responsibility. Many people come to them because they have lost someone they love so much, they come because they hope there is something more than this life. If a medium give them evidence of existence after this life it will be a great relief in their grief.

Yesterday I visited the Spiritualist club of Stockholm - Stockholms Spiritualistiska förening. There was invited for a "Storseans" - an open seans with around 50 people in the auditorium.

The medium, a lady, only got connected with spirits who were all gone since many years ago and none of them where close connected to the person they wanted to give a message. No one who got a message from the spirit were sure about who the spirit were. It was all sort of a neighbour you met in your childhood, maybe you never talked with him but he used to drink coffee with your parents.

The message the spirits gave was always very unpersonal. It was sort of: "You have a lot of things to think about, start to talk with your friends to sort ot what to prioritate." And always at last: He/She gives you a red flower or a bunch of flowers in different colours.

The medium gave no evidence of existence after this life and no evidence that the spirits are around us and follows there beloved ones.

I have first thought about to bring some of my grieving friends with me, friends who are not spiritualists but are searching connection with their lost ones. I am happy I did not bring them. This evening would give them a lot of doubts about the spiritualistic movement.

Written of Hope

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